Ghostly Horizon

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    Markus Boberg

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Ghostly Horizon is a fantasy RPG developed by Markus Boberg for PC and is expected to be available on Steam in Q1 2018. In Ghostly Horizon players can take part in competitive battles on a spherical world where casting spells is the name of the game! With a low-poly, yet attractive look and cute animations you won't be expecting the cutthroat battles that take place in this game! Experience an effortless flow between battles and fight to become one of the best spell-casters in the world in Ghostly Horizon.


Spherical Planets: The planets you are placed on have completely open and free circumnavigation, taking all movement restrictions away from players.

Stat Allotment: Every player starts with the same stat points, but how you use them is up to you. Choose what boosts will best benefit your situation and the element choice you've made.

Team Cooperation: Fight in team battles where players can use different spells to heal their allies, boost their power, or even create teleport points by casting spells together. The team who works together survives together!

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