God Wars

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy

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God Wars is a free-to-play 2D fantasy browser MMORPG developed by R2Games where players can recruit different kinds of heroes from different races to help them eliminate invading demonic forces. Resisting the demonic invasion is one thing, but players must also work to rebuild a true nation by starting to forge their own city. Recruit fellow heroes, fight demons, and build your city to restore what peace you possibly can to an already broken world.


City Enhancements: Enhance different features of your city to improve your strength and make you the strongest hero in the land!

Turn-based Engagements: Use actions and skills in turn-based combat to take your enemies out. Only the strongest will emerge victorious!

Multiple Ways to Play: Fight through instances, take down world bosses, conquer the Tower of Eternity, and take on the ultimate test of the Trial Hall.

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