Goddess: Primal Chaos

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Goddess: Primal Chaos is a cinematic 3D action MMORPG where you must go back in time and stop a dangerous Tyrant before they destroy the world. Along the way, team up with Goddesses, vanquish demons, join in on multiplayer activities, and experience many innovative quests, available for IOS and Android.

Class Warfare: Choose from 3 unique roles like Summoner, Warrior, and Bloodline.

Always Better: Collect, grow, and upgrade your time traveling hero to be able to take down any threat.

Gang Up: Prove your skills in the multiplayer 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, team battle, and the massive alliance war.

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  • Novri anto

    need help me hack gem magic game

  • Faizal

    I bought a refill .. but did not get any gem

  • Christian Grey

    Make players lists

  • Elaine

    by lvl 80+ (if you buy nothing) the game becomes horribly rigged so you can’t earn anything worth while. Your character is still there, but basically dead. Almost everything is done to hold back advancing… much like secret societies in the real world messing with the profane/infidels.

  • Tarek Kamal

    hello Guys i want play GoddesS On PC how to play can anyone Help me !!!

  • Bogdan
  • Noelani da Col

    buonasera è dalla notte del 28 febrraio 2018 che non il game non trova piu il mio pg con il quale giocavo attraverso connessione fb, èun pg VIP vice capo della gilda Fantasya in server EU55 COEUR VIOLENT. lvl 209 sposata con Serpian oltre 2mil power il nome del pg è HinksKurt ho provato mail, link di recupero ma nulla cortesemente qualcuno mi aiuti! mail di riferimento noelani.dacol@gmail.com