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Gods of Rome is a free to play 3D fantasy fighting game developed by Gameloft for PC, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile where the souls of the most powerful Gods have been called upon to do battle. You will become an Ascender and select from a Pantheon of champions to lead into battle in the some of the most incredible mythical locations like the Coliseum, the ruins of Pompeii, and even Mount Olympus itself! With your fierce warriors you will fight against the forces of Tenebrous, a dark demon who is attempting to enslave the world's finest warriors with the power of the Chaos Vessel. Only the most determined Ascenders will successfully command their champions so that they might become legends and save the world!


Summon Mythical Beings: Use your skills as an Ascender to summon mythical gods, monsters, and heroes to fight against Tenebrous.

PvP Action: Fight against other players in intense Versus battles and PvP Events to prove who is the top-ranked Ascender.

Gorgeous Graphics: Watch as Gods of Rome pushes the graphical limitations of mobile platforms to deliver an exciting visual experience.

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