GodsWar Online: New Trojan Arena PvP Blurs Faction Lines


In Greek mythology MMORPG GodsWar Online, players can choose between two playable factions. Sparta and Athens are hostile toward each other, giving those on both sides plenty of opportunities to face each other in combat. If they want to engage in PvP against players from the same faction, however, combatants may have been feeling like they were being given the cold shoulder. That will soon change soon with the upcoming introduction of a new arena that promises to turn up the heat. For those who can never get enough PvP action, here's a preview of the new Trojan Arena.


GodsWar Online Players Defend the Docks in New Instance


IGG is ready to roll out another delightfully difficult instance for GodsWar Online. "Bay under Attack" pits Level 50+ players against an army looking to damage the Greek economy by attacking a key port. To thwart this attack, you must gather a team of brave defenders and defend the docks.

GodsWar Online Marriage System Debut

ARTICLE GodsWar Online Marriage System Debut To celebrate the arrival of 2010, GodsWar Online has introduced the long-awaited Marriage System! The brand-new system has been opened on December 30th.  ...
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