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    Whalebox Studio

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Goliath is a 3D action-adventure game featuring sandbox-like survival elements. Explore your ruined surroundings and learn to thrive in the wild after accidentally stumbling through a dimensional-warping rift.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Conquer Nature: Stay safe in an unforgiving environment by collecting resources and crafting basic tools and shelter.

Brought to Life: Construct a massive, controllable, mechanical suit and outfit it with a variety of deadly weapons.

Ulterior Motives: Align with one of the many warring factions for a chance to nab some rare schematics.

Scanning the Skies: Take heed not to get stuck in a bad cycle of the procedurally generated weather and lighting system.

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Game Videos

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  • Goliath Launch Trailer

    Goliath arrives at last on May 12th! Customize your ultimate battle bot as you explore a mysterious world.

  • Goliath Launch Date Announcement

    Octopus Tree announces that its robot-building action RPG, Goliath, will launch on Steam on May 12.

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