Gotham City Impostors

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    PC, Xbox360, PS3

Gotham City Imposters is an FPS that pits people masquerading as Batman against a gang of would-be Jokers. The game offers a great deal of customization for an FPS title. Since there are no traditional character classes in the game, you're free to pick and choose what you want as far as weapons and gadgets go. With a myriad of solo challenges, and a variety of multiplayer options, you have "1000 levels of player advancement" to help you build a character to your own imagination.


Instantly Recognizable: Fight like the legendary Batman never would, or join the legions of his arch-nemesis The Joker as they seek to spread chaos across the city.

Massive Customization: Want to be a behemoth of a man prancing around on rollerskates, or a lithe vixen with a chip on her shoulder and a massive gun? Gotham City Imposters lets you decide how your character will look and play!

Player Advancement: Unlock various items for use by competing in solo challenges, and battling others online in a variety of over-the-top multiplayer modes. Play the game however you desire!

Multi-platform: Play the game on your PC, or pick it up for you XBox 360 or PS3. Pick what platform fits you best; there's plenty of action to be had no matter where!

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