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In development for years, GreedInc is now released to the public. A very different sort of crime themed MMORPG, in GreedInc the real world is the game world. Start in your real hometown and travel around the globe building your empire. Drive or fly through every real world city and airport, choose to build your wealth by legal or illegal means. You can choose to build legit businesses like nightclubs and restaurants, or, build drug farms and brothels.
Create syndicates and band together with other players to takeover entire cities and states, rob stores, help people you meet, a very unique, super realistic, real world crime game, the first of its kind.
-100,000+ real world cities
-Every real world airport, flights
-Thousands of real cars & dealerships
-Millions of restaurants, shops & malls
-Play with thousands of other users

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Game Videos

  • GreedInc: The Real World Game

    This tutorial video introduces GreedInc, the game where 'the real world' is the game world!

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  • Cellozz

    i have some problem connecting to this game…it’s three months that i recieve this error message

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    We are experiencing high server load. Please retry your request.