Grimlands now on Kickstarter


After the announcement of Grimlands' cancellation by publisher gamigo AG, developer DRAGO Entertainment has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the funds required to finish the post-apocalyptic Shooter MMORPG true to its original vision.

Grimlands – Beta Progress So Far

ARTICLE Grimlands – Beta Progress So Far     gamigo’s post-apocalyptic shooter MMO, Grimlands, has been in the closed beta phase since April 2012. In the meantime the game has done a lot...

Gamigo Unveils its E3 Exclusives to Public


At E3 2011 OnRPG visited the Gamigo booth and was treated to a sneak peak at some of their upcoming titles for 2011. Though our editing crew is still occupied with preparing our in-depth interview on these titles, Gamigo has been kind enough to make some of the assets available to the public.

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