GunDog Early Access Begins Thursday, June 27th!

ARTICLE Players looking to get an extra day of practice in on OGPlanet’s upcoming Canine shooter, GunDog, featuring four distinct classes have one day left to do so! Grab a key from our giveaway page now to...

AlphaBeta Soup 6/20

FEATURE Today we say goodbye to Neverwinter as it officially launches itself from the soup bowl into the open world. We’ve also secured exclusive early access to Gundog. On top of that we have beta keys...

GunDogs – Furry Combat Action!


The graphics in GunDogs are just "OK." They are what you would expect from a shooter... from 2005. Though I could assume this was intentional due to their "comic book" art style.

  • huzaifa

    very very good game

  • killing_rider

    how do i enter to play this game?

  • killing_rider

    still trying to enter

  • Killing_rider

    is anyone on

  • CaptainHarrison

    i am on

  • killing_rider

    oh no?

  • Phear