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Guns N' Zombies is based on the classical survival action play in closed areas. The game uses skill-based progression, and is focused on allowing players to define their approach through the use of various tools, weapons, and abilities. Like any good zombie game, it features hordes of undead and plenty of carnage.


Mobile Support: Guns N' Zombies is a multi-platform title that's been optimized for steam, android, and iPhone play. Controls and UI are similar across each experience.

Skill-Based Gameplay: Players utilize their own personal skill to approach fights, as well as their character's - while a player is capable of deploying turrets, doing so robs them of the chance to build their skills up by shooting zombies themselves. Skills build through use.

Multiplayer Survival: While there are single-player options, Guns N' Zombies is designed from the ground-up to be a multiplayer experience. Choosing the proper synergies with your fellow zombie-killers is important.

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  • Guns N’ Zombies Trailer

    This is a preview trailer for Guns N' Zombies. It features multiple playstyles and ample gameplay footage.

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