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HammerHelm is a 3D city-builder featuring third-person role-playing adventuring. Venturing out into the great unknown is never easy - that's why as leader of the dwarves, it's your job to ensure your people can prosper under the sun instead of underground!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

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Fight Night: Explore mines, caves, dungeons, and more as you navigate your new homeland all the while fending off all manner of deadly and dangerous enemies.

Handyman: Manage the various needs of your citizens by clearing out hostile creatures, crafting new equipment, and completing specific requests.

Laying Foundation: Mix-and-match from dozens of potential building projects in an effort to grow your settlement into a prosperous kingdom.

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Game Videos

  • HammerHelm Launch Trailer

    HammerHelm v1.0 is launching out of Early Access on Steam on April 29th!

  • HammerHelm Early Access Trailer

    HammerHelm, a dwarven themed city building RPG, announces its publishing partnership with Soedesco. Watch a new trailer to see what this game's all about!

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