Heavy Metal Machines

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    Hoplon Infotainment

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    Racing, Free To Play, MOBA

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Heavy Metal Machines is a free-to-play sci-fi strategy racing game developed by Hoplon Infotainment for PC and will be available on Steam for download sometime in 2016. The apocalypse is finally over and there are only Heavy Metal Machines remaining. In a world now riddled with utter madness, chaos, and nonstop destruction your wits will be put to the test. You'll need to choose your role and man your own crazy vehicle as you try to destroy your enemies by delivering a bomb to their base if only for your own survival.


Class Roles: Become an Interceptor, Support, or Transport vehicle to either take the bomb from the enemy, heal and shield your allies, or run the bomb to the enemy's base.

Explosions: Don't take too much damage otherwise your vehicle might succumb to instability and explode on you!

Team Focus: You'll need to work with your team of allies who are also in their own wacky vehicles if you want to succeed. Play to everyone's strengths and leave no room for weaknesses.

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