Hero Defense – Haunted Island

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    Happy Tuesday

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    Fantasy, Strategy

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Hero Defense - Haunted Island is a buy to play fantasy strategy game developed by Happy Tuesday for PC and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. The evil Count Necrosis is attempting to take over the island, and its resident heroes don't take fondly to the idea of being ruled by such an oppressive force. By leading heroes into battles and building towers to defend against enemy units you can fight your way to Count Necrosis and end his reign once and for all.


Skill Trees: Every hero has its own unique skill tree for you to invest points into and customize your heroes to your liking.

Campaign: Fight off Count Necrosis' procedurally generated forces and take back your island in campaign mode.

Online Multiplayer: Fight your way to the top of the worldwide leaderboards and show just how effective you are at managing your units and towers.

Spells: Cast spells to freeze your enemies in their tracks, burn them to the ground, or poison them to death.

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