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    JC Planet

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Dungeon Hero (previously known as Hero of the Obelisk) is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyasoft for PC where players can create their own adorable anime character and become a legendary hero through both PvE and PvP battles. Players will be able to take part in fierce hack-'n'-slash combat and collect equipment on their adventures, further strengthening their power so that they can take down even tougher foes that await them. No matter if you prefer open world content or instance-oriented dungeon crawling Dungeon Hero has something for you, but do you have what it takes to become a true legendary hero?


Numerous Dungeons: Hundreds of different dungeons are available for you to explore on different difficulties, where with each increasing difficulty comes even more powerful enemies.

Three Character Classes: Choose for your character to become a Scholar, Adventurer, or Swordsman. Each class offers two distinct trees with 3 class evolutions each so you can further specialize your character's role.

PvP Wars: Shown your skills in the hundreds of dungeons and gathered a set of powerful weapons and armor? Demonstrate your power as you take on other players in Camp Wars, Siege Wars, and War Channels.

Multi-Team PvP: Join up with your band of friends to take on rival teams in a variety of objective based and siege style PvP.

Auto Hunter: Dungeon Hero supports a completely integrated auto hunting system that will make your hunting binges effortless.

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Game Videos

  • Dungeon Hero – Adventurer

    Dungeon Hero's official class video for the Adventurer, a class that can be specialized as a Technician or Hunter.

  • Dungeon Hero – Swordsman

    Dungeon Hero's official trailer showcasing the Swordsman class, a class that can be specialized as a Warrior or Fighter.

  • Dungeon Hero – Scholar

    Dungeon Hero's official trailer showcasing the Scholar class that can be specialized as a Cleric or Sorcerer.

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