HeroSmash begins Youtube Search for Super Heroes!


Artix Entertainment is holding a unique contest for players to enter for a chance to be immortalized in the popular new MMORPG HeroSmash as NPCs. Winners will have their characters put permanently in-game as quest givers, shop keepers, trainers, spies, etc.

OnRPG Interviews HeroSmash Developer


We know Artix as the company behind the wildly popular Adventure Quest series and all its spinoffs. Covering the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre very successfully, Artix is now breaking into the Super Hero genre with HeroSmash. We have been playing this cool browser game for a little while now during the beta and a couple of questions popped up. Good thing Artix are a cool bunch more than willing to answer them for us!

Superhero MMO, Hero Smash, Enters Open Beta


Artix Entertainment today announced the Open Beta release for Hero Smash, its newest MMORPG, scheduled to launch April 28th, 2011. The Beta release will be open to all players.