Heroes of Atlan

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  • Developer:
    WeMade Entertainment

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Strategy

In Heroes of Atlan, players will take on the role of heroes rising up to fight the returning darkness of the evil demon king, Beelzebub. Gather your allies and keep your enemies at bay, as the world has plunged into an age of darkness unlike any known for over a thousand years.


Custom Party: Customize your ideal party by taking from a wide selection of heroes. Cunning archers, centaurs, sorcerers, monsters of all kinds, and just about anything you can imagine can be brought into your fold, tamed, trained, and turned into a tight-knit, brutally efficient fighting-force. The only limit to your power is your own skill in arranging the perfectly complimentary team.

Spectacular Airships: Take to the sky in grand, powerful airships that will ferryyou from objective to objective. Ride in style, customize and personalize, and look down upon your lessers from high above. In your own airship, you are truly the sole ruler of all that you survey.

Guild Warfare: Joining a guild will only magnify your power and potential. Take on massive bosses with dozens of your guildmates, and tackle challenges that would crush those striking it out on your own. With the help of your guild, you can achieve heights unknown, and earn rewards and loot unique to your challenges.

Weekly PVP Tournaments: Every week, you'll have the opportunity to test your mettle against other players. Do you believe you're the best of the best? Prove it by bringing your highly-trained team into the tournament and throw down against others just like you. Will you crawl to the top of the charts, or be cast aside? Only your skill will decide.

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  • Heroes of Atlan Trailer

    This video is a teaser trailer for Heroes of Atlan. It shows limited gameplay footage and a number of features.

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