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Heroes of Dire is a tactical RPG created by Spellbook. players command squads of fighters through strategic turn-based battles to win treasure, honor, and glory.


Unique heroes: Assemble squads of fighters to make war with other guilds, monsters, and players. With unique names, races, stories, stats, titles, and equipment constructed by complex procedural generation algorithm, no two are ever the same.

Weaponry: Make use of over 50 weapon classes including, daggers, swords, hammers, and more.

Rich Battles: Enjoy quick turn-based battles where each decision has a direct and immediate impact on who wins or loses.

Online: Enjoy multiplayer co-op with friends with up to 32 fighters.

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Game Videos

  • Heroes of Dire – Save a Huppo

    For just a small donation, you too can provide a Huppo the weapons of war needed to smite their enemies in Heroes of Dire.

  • Heroes of Dire Gameplay Trailer

    Heroes of Dire, a new free-to-play tactical MMORPG, showcases clips of its gameplay.

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