Heroes of the Realm

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Heroes of the Realm is a mix of RPG, strategy, and collectible card battling all in one. You develop a kingdom from the ground up, building it however you see fit. There are over 350 different heroes to collect in the game, and various enchantment and other cards that help you in battle. You can customize a great deal in the game, from the squads your heroes form, to their AI settings. There are also PvP arenas to compete in.


350+ Heroes: Collect hundreds of different units, each with their own abilities and strengths! Build a deck around them, and set them out to conquer your foes.

Kingdom Building: Develop a nation however you want. The growth of your empire is yours to dictate, control, and command!

Customizable: Set up formations, hero squads, AI settings, and more. Tweak things as needed to form a working strategy for you, and use it to emerge victorious every time!

PvP Colosseums: Challenge other players around the world in exciting PvP combat. Pit your skills and strategies against theirs in arena play, and see who reigns supreme.

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