Heroes of Three Kingdoms

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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China is in the midst of a bloody civil war. From the countless skirmishes, three leaders stand poised to take leadership and unite the country under one banner. Will it be Cao Cao of Wei, the ruthless Lui Bei of Shu or Sun Quan of Wu?
As a soldier in training you no affiliations, it is up to you to pick a side and lead them to victory. Determine your play style on the fly with your choice of 18 historic weapons and ride your trusty steed into fierce battles. Non-combat professions will allow access to limited resources not found anywhere else, but make haste, the battle is upon us!
Rise through the ranks and lead your loyal army on your quest to end one of the bloodiest periods in history and unite all of China.

Game Features:
- Motion Captured Combat - Using advanced motion capture technology, combat is brought to life by martial arts specialist, Dion Lam, best known for helping choreograph epic fight scenes in such blockbuster movies as Spider-Man 2, The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Reloaded.
- Eighteen Weapon System - With a unique cool down system, players will have to master all eighteen types of weapons available during the Three Kingdoms era in China
- Weaponry Crafting System - Following an ancient Chinese proverb goes "before you send out your troops, prepare your supplies" Heroes of Three Kingdoms features a unique, free-flowing production system that allows players to obtain key technological advancements to help aid them on the battlefield such as stronger bows, catapults and other siege weaponry.
- Kingdom War System - Join the Wei, Shu or Wu and choose to wage war or create alliances against one another.
- Historic Instances - Go back in time to experience historical battles and pivotal moments that helped shape the Three Kingdoms era and modern China.
- Legion System - Come together to create Legions to help aid or conquer players in battle. Conquer one or multiple cities together to gain more troops and become their leader.
- PvP Battlegrounds - Test your fighting abilities against other players to prove who shall lead the kingdom to victory.
- Title System - Hundreds of different titles and occupations are available to earn in game. Each title comes with different outfits, skills and rewards.
- Achievements - Explore everything the game has to offer and reap the rewards.
- Reputation System - Gain reputation with the various factions in the world to gain access to new areas, better equipment and powerful skills.

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  • HOTK Weapon Show

    Keeping up martial arts skills takes a lot of practice. Watch along with the warriors in Heroes of Three Kingdoms and their various weapons.

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