Heroes Tactics

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  • Developer:
    Camex Games

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy

Heroes Tactics is a 2D mobile strategy game developed by Camex Games for Android with a scheduled iOS release as well. In a blend of fantasy, real-time strategy, turn-based strategy, and RPG elements Heroes Tactics lets players fight against each other in a variety of game modes on hex-grids. Players will assemble their ultimate team of heroes from a massive amount of choices ranging from knights and archangels to demons and necromancers, all of which can be attributed an element like poison, fire, and ice! With a unique gameplay approach and its simple design, Heroes Tactics is sure to satisfy all levels of mobile gamers.


Various Game Modes: You can play campaign story, PvP battles, PvE battles, and many other game modes!

Leaderboards: See how you stack up against your competition on a worldwide scale in PvP game modes.

Alliances: Become part of or create your own alliance with your friends and other players, working together in coop games to take down your enemies!

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