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Hide and Shriek is a one versus one multiplayer scare game developed by Funcom for PC and will be available on Steam in October, 2016. In 10 minute matches set in a school building players will have to do their best and act as a mischievous rascal to scare their opponent before the time limit is up. Points can be collected throughout the match by luring your opponent into traps, performing ancient rituals, or outright scaring your opponent. At the end of the match if there isn't a winner then the player with the most points wins.


Scaring: Players will be competing to scare one another by any means necessary, so stay on your toes otherwise you might be the one to jump from your seat.

Invisibility: Both players are completely invisible so you will need to use traps and spells to help reveal where the enemy is before giving them a good scare.

Shrieking: Shriek at your opponent with your selected mask to scare the pants off of them. Masks can be customized with different accessories so you can scare your opponents in the most terrifying ways possible.

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