Highstreet 5

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    Snail Games

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    3D Music/Dancing

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HighStreet 5 is a popular free-to-play online dance game where players can socialize, dress to the latest fashion and dance together to global music hits. Players create their own characters and traverse the virtual cityscape alongside thousands of other players. Whether dancing or shopping for the latest and greatest, HighStreet 5 is the game that players can have fun and relax in.

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) dance games like HighStreet 5 allow thousands of players from all over to world to come together and create characters to dance at exciting venues and have fun. Unlike traditional or hardcore games, HighStreet 5 emphasizes casual player fun and enjoyment without the stresses of long raids and having to treat gaming almost like a second-job.
Unlike other similar dance games, HighStreet 5 has unique features that highlight it as the leading social dance game. The virtual city allows thousands of players to mingle the city streets and visit fashion shops to try out clothes together. The in-game community system allows players to have their own and visit other players’ profile pages with pictures, blogs, videos and more. Coupled with an exciting dance system and a great player community, HighStreet 5 offers an experience unlike any other.

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