Highstreet 5 Review: Dance up a Storm


When it comes to rhythm games, you never really get to see anything new because the game's practically just you listening to music and letting your fingers do the tapping. It's just a skill based game that leaves too little for the imagination of developers to well, develop. This is of course based on the rhythm games I have played as a reviewer and an avid MMOR player. However, Highstreet5, Snail Game's rhythm game goes out of the box and provides rhythm players with something more than just finger tapping goodness.

High Street 5, the latest Stall System


High Street 5 arrives with the Sweet Whispers Version 2. This Version will present with you the Stall system. The Stall System will provide you a platform to experience the thrill brought by making profits through selling in-game items to your fellow players!

Now, you need only to purchase a ‘Stall’ at the in-game Store to run your own start-up in MetroCity (No trading is allowed in the dance halls). Apart from making a good profit by buying low and selling high, you can also earn Flexi Charm Scores to level-up your Charm Level, thus obtaining the new Charm Titles!

Please see the detailed information here.

High Street 5: Lovers on Wheels!


The latest update of High Street 5 arrives with yet two other eye-catching mounts – the classic bicycle and the kid-fun mini-tricycle.

Highstreet 5 Review: Pump Up The Volume


If you think that you're gonna be hitting buttons and dancing to the beat, then I guess you're on the right track; However, the game has a series of game modes to choose from. This makes the game rather challenging and overly annoying, though of course-- the more you lose, the more you tend to want to get better.