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  • Developer:
    Paradox Interactive

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Shooter

Hollowpoint is a 3D sci-fi action side-scroller developed by Paradox Interactive and is going to be available on PC and PS4. In Hollowpoint players can enjoy the thrill of side-scrolling shooter combat where they will need to stay sharp and monitor their enemies. With every battle's completion players will earn experience, skill points, and the respect of their squad. How confident are you that you can handle the intense, action-packed battles of Hollowpoint without failing your comrades?


Battle Layers: You will need to keep track of enemies in both the foreground and the background if you wish to survive!

Co-Operative Battle: Battles can be waged alongside four other players online all striving for success so that they can get paid.

Skill Points: Skill points will allow you to outfit your operatives for any situation possible!

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Game Videos

  • Hollowpoint – PC & PS4 Announcement Trailer

    The official announcement trailer for Hollowpoint, an action-packed co-op combat title set in the 22nd century to be available on PC and PS4.

  • Hollowpoint E3 Story Trailer

    Hollowpoint tells the dark tale of the future, and how the remaining nobodies still have a fighting chance to make a living. Incoming co-op shooter confirm

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