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  • Bluegecko

    I’ve been playing this game on and off since 2002. The game has warfare where you coordinate actively with alliance members and fight to survive and also the slower times where you feed your bank and work to have the best planets, income and fleet there it. I think to this day it is the best MMO tick based strategy game out there.

  • DaSatan

    This game is horrible, if you are not apart of the “good old boys” group then you wont ever be “big”in this game. The owner of the game will ban you for bs reasons and his “good old boys” will destroy your credibility in game. I spent over 300$ on “ingame credits” all so the owner could ban me because my alliance was causing issues with his more “loyal” followers. If you do play DO NOT PAY!

  • Lilly has a full article stating they were investigated for fraud and have a history of ripping customers off. I will STAY CLEAR from this game thank you…

  • 420_Man

    don’t listen to the last two posters. this is a great gem that has survived a long long time! Make Hyperiums Great Again!

  • Gunner

    Game takes too long time, eats away real life time. It’s based on what big and good group you are (single players are cripled like mad).
    Admin changes rules on a whim, has no feeling for customers and is rude.