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    Asylum Entertainment

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Identity is an open-world MMORPG set in the modern world, where players are given almost limitless options to discover and create their own story.


Sandbox Gameplay: Almost everything is controlled by playeres, including the game's economy.

Earn Your Living: Choose your own path and take up work as police, criminal, civilian, paramedic, businessperson, and more.

Casual Games: Need a break from the tough life? Check out multiple casual games in the world including karaoke, paintball, and cinema.

Host Your Own: Play on the game's official servers, or venture into the worlds owned by players.

Vehicles & Real Estate: Great depth is being put into a functioning real estate system controlled by both honest players and cartels, and many vehicles will be available to purchase, build, and use.

VOIP Technology: Speak in the game world directly instead of typing - your words will even be animated by your character.

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