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    Cat Banana Studios

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Imagine Nations is a sandbox-style voxel universe simulator that seeks to push boundaries beyond anything seen in Minecraft. You begin as the mayor of a town to people like yourself, but as you craft, build, and expand, you will discover new worlds and cultures beyond your initial horizons. Complete missions or roam the wilderness - the choice is yours.


Infinite Universe: A procedurally generated voxel universe is created each time you start a new game, infinitely expanding as you explore. Go beyond your own world into space and see new planets!

Customizable Character: Create a character out of various head, body, and locomotion modules to give yourself a balance of strengths and weaknesses; wear armor and equipment; wield tools and weapons; and utilize skills.

Crafting: Use manufacturing and construction resources to build everything from the simplest of tools to complex blueprints for homes or vehicles.

Simulation: Primitive cultures expand into modern technology and beyond, even capable of exploring space. You will discover new, procedurally generated cultures as time passes, which may even be aggressive!

Missions & Events: Four stages of missions are available as you explore the game, ranging from simple tasks to complex and culture-wide scenarios. Want to be a hero? Wait until a catastrophic event hits, and overcome immense challenges.

Modding: Player-created content can range from new textures, audio, and models to new missions, events, cultures, and more. If that isn't enough, you can also alter the physics, simulation procedures, and more - and access other mods through a safe hub.

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