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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy, 2D Fantasy

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Immortal Conquest is a free-to-play mobile strategy game developed by NetEase Games for iOS and Android devices. In Immortal Conquest players will be able to manage their own cities, expand, and forge alliances with other players from around the world in an effort to acquire more of the limited land resources on a huge game map. Players will have to race against each other across the real-time map to expand their control throughout the limited 2 million pieces of available land. Will you be able to create an empire, or will you struggle to get by on the leftovers of other players?


Alliances: Alliances will enable players to gather resources more quickly, occupy new lands faster, and fight against other players and alliances as effectively as possible. It won't be the strongest player who comes out on top in Immortal Conquest, but the strongest Alliance.

Seasons: Every season will have rewards for the players and alliances that reach its objectives. Once a season has completely finished the entire game world resets so players can race to acquire land one again.

Resource Management: You'll need to be careful with how you spend your resources, whether it be furthering the development of your cities or creating more units to use.

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