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    Bad Seed

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Insidia is a 3D apocalyptic strategy game developed by Bad Seed and is expected to be available on Steam Early Access in its open beta phase during Summer 2017. In Insidia players can engage in frantic, tactical duels by assembling a team of four champions and taking them into battles. By being easy to learn and hard to master with fast-paced matches, Insidia promises to keep you on your toes in every match. It's always your turn in Insidia, so get out there and lead your champions to victory! Never has fighting for glory be so hectic, strategic, and satisfying at the same time!


Team Composition: Each hero plays a particular role in a team's composition. Make sure you have a wide variety of skills and abilities at your fingertips.

Apocalypse Survivors: Steam knights, fierce punks, odd mutants and the like all have found their way in the world, and they won't be willing to give it up so easily. Heroes are hardened by the lives they've lived and are ready to do battle!

Combo Attacks: Blend your champion's abilities together in the game's combo system and deal devastating blows to wipe your enemies away.

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