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INVERSUS is a buy-to-play 2D negative space shooter developed by Hypersect for PS4 and PC that can be purchased on the Steam and PlayStation stores. Simplicity is at its finest in INVERSUS where you will be blasting your way through levels and dominating your enemies by cutting off every route of escape they have, but it's not that easy. Both strategy and skill are rewarded in their own way throughout each match when spacial awareness, quick reflexes, and forethought all come into play. Invert all of the tiles that you can and show all of your friends that your movement capabilities are superior!


Shoot to Flip: Shoot out bullets to flip tiles in your favor and help you cut off any hope of escape for your opponent.

Customizable Gameplay: Use over 60 different color pallets and over 250 unlockable emotes to outplay your opponents with as much style as you'd like.

Different Game Boards: INVERSUS has a good number of very different game boards that will help keep games fresh while rewarding different types of strategies in different ways.

Online and Local Multiplayer: Play with or against your friends from the same location or online. The choice is yours and the strategic fun is endless!

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  • INVERSUS Launch Trailer

    The official launch trailer for INVERSUS, a PC and PS4 strategy game where you will have to flip colored tiles in your favor to box in your opponent and pr

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