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Iron Grip: Marauders is an online, browser-based addition to the Iron Grip series, set after Warlord and Lords of Atelia. Serving as the leader of a band of mercenary pirates, you must build your army, train your heroes, and research new units to become powerful enough to conquer the land. Go alone, make friends, or make enemies - the choice is yours to make.


Turn-Based Strategic Gameplay: Choose carefully among your available units and heroes before each battle in order to secure victory.

Varied Challenges: Join with other players in raids, smuggling missions, or even Boss fights for a chance at great loot and experience.

PvP Face Offs: Battle against other players head-to-head for a chance at ranking and PvP medals without fear - losses during the battle will be returned to you, and battles cost no energy.

Leaderboards: Both PvE and PvP host their own leaderboards, letting you compete for glory and fame however you prefer.

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