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Istrolid is a 2D strategy game developed by treeform for PC, Mac, Linux, and can even be played via Google Chrome's browser. In Istrolid you can use a large variety of different parts to construct your very own fleet of ships and use them to take over the galaxy. You will need to be able to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are, altering your strategies accordingly and creating your ships to support your fleet as a whole. Only with careful consideration will you be able to conquer the galaxy.


Fleet Customization: Enjoy forming your ships and fleets in a classless system that allows you to create your ships exactly how you'd like them to be.

AI Customization: Create your own AI for your fleets to free yourself up for more strategic decisions.

Bosses: Fight bosses in Istrolid's singleplayer campaign that will get more difficult and more complex as you progress.

Multiplayer Battles: Take on other players in multiplayer battles where you will need to use your wit to secure territory for your cause.

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  • Istrolid Beta Trailer

    The first official trailer for Istrolid showcasing some of its beta gameplay.

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