Jaws of Extinction

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  • Developer:
    KYE Creations

  • Genres:
    Shooter, Sim

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Jaws of Extinction is a zombie-horror survival sandbox featuring a dynamic narrative-driven campaign and a vast online multiplayer arena. Travel across the beautiful island of Eden-Nadir discovering new locations, quests to take on, loot to scavenge, and other players or infected humans to fight all while battling the elements, available for Windows.


Wildlife Whisperer: Find and tame a wild animal, like a falcon or horse, to assist you on your journey.

Your Choice: Experience the story or find your own way in the open-world.

Will Not Fall: Do whatever it takes to survive including killing rivals, scavenging the landscape, and maintaining needs like thirst.

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  • Jaws of Extinction Teaser Trailer

    Head to the gorgeous island of Eden-Nadir not for a leisurely vacation, but to survive against a hostile zombie-infested landscape.

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