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The world has been reduced to deserts and swamps from the dark evil known as the Devourers, denizens from another reality dead set on transforming our world into their hellish reality. Only a few brave warriors adorned with the Juggernaut armors, armors gifted by the gods themselves, stand in the way of the total destruction of the world.


Faction System: Players can choose their faction and compete against players against the other side.

3D Browser Graphics: Experience full 3D fighting sequences within your own browser.

Clans: Form a clan and compete for ranking and recognition.

Various Professions: Customize your character with dozens of options.

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  • Juggernaut Online Trailer

    Juggernaut Online boasts incredible 3D combat in a browser setting.

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  • Veiviseren

    Look what a treasure I find here!! This manga website gets me hooked so hard and I don’t believe you won’t fall into this fairy world~✌✌️