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Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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KARMA Online exists in an alternate reality, one in which human kind is punished for its unabated destructive forces that rampaged across Europe during World War II. Take up arms as Axis or Allies, featuring characters representing Russia, America, Germany, Japan, and more. But there is a twist...

Not only must you fight for the dominance of your chosen side, you must fight to save mankind from a darker force. Zombies! Hordes and hordes of zombies have overrun the European battleground, fallen soldiers and civiliians seeking revenge.

The initial graphics in KARMA look crisp, fresh, and brutal all at once. We are promised great character customization potential as well. There seems to be enough difference between Allies and Axis weapons and tactics that you won't feel like a clone of the opposition either.

In terms of pvp settings, Joymax has created a ranking system to ensure that players are matched against others of equal skill levels, ensuring as many competitive matches as possible. The main storyline will provide players plenty of training before hand to get them geared up for competitive play.

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