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KartRider is an online multiplayer racing-adventure game. It offers simple controls that are easy to learn and hard to master. Beginners can ease themselves into compelling gameplay,and advanced players can put the pedal to the metal in breath-taking races. You can race against friends, customize your character, perform quests, and progress to better Karts as your skills grow.

Diversity in Tracks and Themes
The 3-D racing tracks fuse dynamic game play with excellent graphics and creative design. Different areas, such as the fast-paced Zoomtown, the dry sands of Desert Drift, and the icy Arctic Rim all deliver high speed thrills in different, dazzling environments.

Multiple Game Modes:

Item mode
Simply driving a Kart is fun, but Item Mode is sheer madness! Rev your engine and get ready for a high-octane experience where you can use an arsenal of items to attack and zip past your opponents on the track. It's pulse-pounding action from start to finish!

Speed Mode
Race your Kart as fast as you can in Speed Mode! Press the 'Shift' key to drift. What angle you drift is determined by the time you press and hold the 'Shift' key. Drifting well will give you speed Boosts; use these Boosts to blow by the competition! Can you catch the drift?

License System
You will be able to ride upgraded Karts as your skill and license level increase. You will ride in Single Player mode for a license test before you can gain access to more advanced races. Practice your Kart riding skills in Single Player mode to learn race strategies and driving tactics. You will be able to ride an upgraded Kart with custom designs and better performance as your skill increases.

Custom Characters
KartRider offers a wide selection of characters to suit your racing style and personality. You can further customize your Kart through decorations and add-ons to create a unique Rider for an optimal gameplay experience.

Social Environment
You can chat with friends before and after racing and use a variety of popular in-game e-motes to express yourself!

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