Kerbal Space Program 2

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    Star Theory Games

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    Sci-Fi, Sim

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Kerbal Space Program 2 is the next adventure into space with the adorable aliens known as "Kerbals". In Spring 2020, their space program opens again, and it will be up to you to build spacecraft, space stations, and head to the stars. You and your friends will be able to help these Kerbals explore the stars.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: Unknown

Key Features:

Colonies: One of the new features in Kerbal Space Program 2 are Colonies! They pose physics challenges but also require a significant amount of resources to put together. They have their own habitations, unique fuel types and more. If that's not enough, they can become advanced enough for vehicle construction! Get ready to go where no Kerbal has gone before.

Take Me To The Stars: Interstellar Travel is going to be available in Kerbal Space Program 2 as well. Whether you head to the heat-blasted world of Charr, a ringed super-Earth named Ovin, or a binary pair of planets named Rask and Rusk, there are so many places to head to in this sequel.

So Much To Do: Play your way! You can command every aspect of the space program in the Career Mode, or you can focus on scientific experiments in Science Mode. Or if that's too much for you, and you simply want to build outstanding spaceships without limits, there's the Sandbox Mode. Do it your way!

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