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Kill The Bad Guy is a buy to play 3D strategy game developed by Exkee and is available for download on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. In Kill The Bad Guy you can join up with a mysterious society to take sweet justice into your own hands, casting judgement on all of the evil-doers roaming the streets. Murderers, mafia members, and even worse have gotten away with their heinous crimes for far too long. By using the game's physics and a little bit of ingenuity you will be able to formulate imaginative plans to erase criminals from existence in the bloodiest manners possible. Clean up the streets and bring justice to the world in Kill The Bad Guy, but make sure you don't get caught by the cops, cameras, or innocent pedestrians!


Imaginative Strategizing: Nothing feels better than watching your complex, crazy plan come together in a bath of blood.

Traps: Use traps to your advantage like sabotaged vehicles or merely every day weapons that you've decided are the ideal instruments for carrying out violent justice!

Secondary Objectives: Levels have secondary objectives to give you a little something more to shoot for if you don't find the level itself difficult enough.

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