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As an MMORPG, Kingdom Tales has a totally new design which will bring an immersive experience to players. In the 3D space of the game, players will enjoy beautiful dynamic graphics, various effects and magnificent scenarios.
Based on Chinese ancient mythology, a new unrealistic world is created. Ancient legend is perfectly combined with the background story. In this immersive game, players will experience surprising adventures and large-scale state wars together with their partners. Players will have a marvelous and magical journey in Kingdom Tales.
In Kingdom Tales, because of the special design, players can feel the change of season. The beautiful views will be completely different in the four seasons. As long as you are in Kingdom Tales, no matter in which place you are, you will enjoy the beautiful views which are specially designed for the background story. There are imposing architectures as well as exquisite ones in Kingdom Tales. They feature different cultures of architecture.

Game Features

  • With the adoption of various communication modes, players can communicate freely with each other.
  • Various ways of character growth. Players don’t have to be bored by killing mobs anymore.
  • Plentiful quests—primary quests, branch quests, instances, teamwork quests, family quests, state quests and so on.
  • Exciting warfare system: In the state wars and the city wars, players will have opportunities to show their abilities of using strategies and tactics.
  • Item creation system and refining system provide a large amount of attractive items.
  • Social system, skills and magic system and the guardian system will be highlights of the game.
  • Instance system is one of the best features. The excellent background story and the challenging quests will provide a fantastic game experience.

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