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    Ankama Studios

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Krosmaga is a multiplayer card battle game developed by Ankama. Mixing elements from collectible card games and tower defenses, Krosmaga will be both an online game and a physical board game.

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Game Videos

  • Krosmaga: Necros and Paladirs: Gameplay/Trailer

    We have a duo of videos for Krosmaga right in time for our giveaway! Get a taste for Necros vs. Paladirs gameplay and trailer!

  • Krosmaga: the Necros and Paladirs face off

    Something is amiss in the kingdom of the Gods! Necros and Paladirs face off in Krosmaga! Their first expansion is on the way! More right here.

  • Krosmaga Open Beta Trailer

    Krosmaga, Ankama's CCG, now enters into open testing for all!

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