Kryan Wars

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    Kryan Studios

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Kryan Wars is a MOBA that mixes tower defense and real time strategy elements into a new style of battle arena.


Customizable Characters: Forgoing the traditional champion model, players can create their own heroes from three factions (Eanfaar, Kokhtir, and Taemor), three races (Eanseir, Rontar, and Holan), and different classes. Each character can be fully customized in appearance, statistics, and abilities.

Randomized Maps: Procedurally generated maps will keep players alert each match.

More Control: Players can build and upgrade towers, create and upgrade their own units, and cast global skills.

More than PvP: Single player and co-op modes are on the horizon to expand gameplay beyond competitive play.

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  • Kryan Wars Kickstarter Trailer

    Kryan Wars is the next generation MOBA, where RTS, RPG and tower defense elements are used to create a customizable and dynamic arena!

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