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Labyrinth of Druids is a freemium 3D horror fantasy MMORPG being developed by MidDream Studios for PC intended to have a working alpha version available to Kickstarter backers for Winter 2017. Labyrinth of Druids seeks to bring back some of the hardcore elements to MMORPGs that have been lost over time, combining old-school mechanics and hardcore gameplay in a whimsically dark narrative. As players adventure through the world and learn what it means to become a Druid they will encounter unnerving demons, difficult bosses, and a debilitating infection spreading throughout the world. Only the strongest will survive these obstacles and become a powerful Druid!


Hardcore Difficulty: You won't just skate through Labyrinth of Druids like other MMORPGs. It is intended to have hardcore, horror-oriented gameplay similar to the difficulty of Dark Souls.

Player Battles: Between the two player factions battles can be fought freely throughout most of the world and arena battles can be fought with your own precious items at stake.

Worldwide Disease: A disease is spreading among players that completely paralyzes them. If you unfortunately contract this disease, you only have a short time to cure it before your character becomes completely immobile and will need to be killed to respawn.

Dark Rituals: You will need to complete quests and dark rituals to appease the Gods, earning you new spells that will serve of great use.

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