Land of Lords

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    Free To Play, 2D Medieval, Strategy

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Land of Lords is a free-to-play strategy MMO developed by iLOGOS that can be played in your Internet browser. In Land of Lords players can enter a Medieval world where they can build towns, cities, and even form their own kingdom from the beginnings of just a single plot of land. Take the avenue towards expansion that best suits you, but don't make too many enemies along the way. After all, a kingdom will only last so long with numerous rivals!


Expansion Choices: Lead your people to wealth and power diplomatically or become a tyrant and take matters into your army's hands. Expand in whatever way best suits you!

Scale: Decide what needs to be built in each of your cities and even tell individual citizens what they should be doing. Get involved in your cities on whatever scale you'd like.

Resources: Collect resources by taking over lands that have them, but be wary of lands that are excessively abundant. These will be sought after by all players!

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