Lands of Hope

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    Daniel Paull

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Lands of Hope is a fantasy browser based MMORPG which takes place in the fictional lands of Myzan, a world with a long and trouble history which is currently in the midst of a terrible conflict. The King has been removed from the throne by an act of treachery led by one of his closest friends and a band of nobles calling themselves the Society. The old ruler and his loyal allies are forced into Exile but vow to return the rightful King to his throne, as the eyes and ears of Myzan focus on civil war an ancient threat returns. Weary travellers tell tales of burnt out towns and ransacked villages, the dead walk again and all signs warn of the growing power of the once defeated Reapers ! Lands of Hope has thousands of graphics and a rich GUI that allows you access hundreds of features via a simple and intuitive menu system.

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