Last Year

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  • Developer:
    James Matthew Wearing

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Last Year is a survival horror game with asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay. Struggle to survive in classic horror inspired locations, or play as the Killer to prey on your victims.


5v1 Gameplay: Five high school characters must use their wits to survive against one player-controlled enemy, the Killer.

Multiple Killers: Unlock multiple Killers, each with a distinct gameplay style.

Leaderboards: Find yourself among the best Survivors or Killers.

A Return to Dark Horror: Experience the thrilling environments based on horror movie tropes of the 1980s and 1990s.

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Game Videos

  • Last Year: Afterdark Launch Trailer

    LAST YEAR: Afterdark is a free expansion to the Last Year universe and is the unveiling of a brand new playable Fiend: The Spider. This latest expansion is

  • Last Year Ambush Gameplay Teaser

    Last Year brings a new gameplay teaser showcasing how the Killer can use ambushes to hunt their victims.

  • Last Year Trailer

    A 5v1 multiplayer survival horror game, Last Year has found backing through Kickstarter.

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    by Jason Parker (Ragachak) It’s been pretty hard to innovate in the asymmetrical survival horror genre; most of the games feel and behave the same. Yo...