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    Play Fusion

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Lightseekers is the ultimate mixed media experience. Explore and fight in the action adventure role playing game of Tantos, utilize cunning tactics to achieve victory with the augmented reality cards, and interact with a high quality action figure, all of which is groundbreakingly interconnected like never before, available for Microsoft Windows.

MMORPG: Discover the beautiful and mysterious world of Tantos across thousands of hours endlessly repeatable content.

TCG: Collect over 385 cards to play with augmented reality.

Not a Doll: Make an action figure your own with a persistently upgraded weapon.

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  • Lightseekers Awakening Trailer

    Lightseekers is the next generation of mixed media! Play in an expansive MMORPG, trade augmented reality cards, and show off amazing action figures.

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