Line of Defense

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    3000AD, Inc

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Line Of Defense is a sci-fi MMOG in which thousands players fight for the control of various bases located on planets in the far reaches of space. Play as infantry or in land and naval vehicles, as well as aircrafts some with the capability to travel to space and back as you complete objectives all across the universe


Dual-person shooter: Game can be played in either a first or third-person perspective.

100% persistent world: Line of Defense contains a seamless space and planetary areas; all with ability to move from planetside starbases to stations in the space region above with no instances.

Housing: Build your own planetary base FARP and use it as your player housing for yourself or your fireteam (guild).

Pure gameplay: No pointless grind. No boring crafting. No inconsequential resource collection. Just pure war on a very – very – large scale

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  • SantoshAHalper

    “Coming in 2024, patching in 2025, freeware in 2026, finished in 2027.”