Lord of Poker

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    2D Fantasy

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Lord of Poker is a fantasy-based RPG / Poker game created by Aliaksandr Petukh. As a unique mix between RPG and card games, players can experience a gripping world filled with magic, danger and excitement.


RPG meets Card Game: Players get experience, level up, obtain resources, and earn gold (internal money) by playing poker.

Magic and Abilities: Using spells in poker has a dramatic impact on gameplay and makes it absolutely unpredictable. There are four unique attributes of characters: Endurance, Courage, Luck, and Mind.

Unique calls: Players get experience for special poker actions and their combos (raise, call, all-in, etc.)

Massive Multiplayer: Gameplay unfolds through a combination of gradual development of the game’s plot and the immersive experience of a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game). Players fight with other players while progressing through the central quest of the game.

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