Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu

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    NDOORS Interactive

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Luminary is a mixture of Community, Artisan, and Politics, where all of these elements are blended to make this wonderful game. Best of all it's Free to Play!

In the Game of Luminary, the goal of all characters is to learn about your character and the weapons that are provided, Join a town community and guild community where you will interact with other Players, Afterward you will trying to level up your character in manufacturing where you can make Weapons, Armors, Foods, Medications, Ironware, Tools, Etc, for yourself and even others. Some people also make a goal to be the "GoonZu", a character that is elected by their fellow players to guide everyone and do the job of the GoonZu.
Game Features
• Social MMORPG
• Attractive anime-style graphics
• Cute pets
• Never ending quest system
• PVP / Siege War
• Many ways to make money including manufacturing, cooking, fishing, mining, farming
• Stock market and advanced player-run market economy
• Deep political system - Run for "Goonzu"

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